Our trademarked Cryo-Tone™ Facial combines microcurrent technology with the tightening and brightening benefits of cryotherapy to dramatically improve your skin.

Step 1 – Your face and neck are cleansed with a warm compress.

Step 2 – Our specialized facial toning device is used to deliver microcurrents to tone and improve the contours of your face and jawline.

Step 3 – Our local cryotherapy machine bathes your skin’s surface in hyper-cooled air to tighten pores and even skin tone.

Step 4 – Our Cryo-Tone™ facial technician applies our specialized serum and moisturizer to your face and neck to lock in the results and brighten your complexion.

With repeated Cryo-Tone™ facials, your skin’s own, natural collagen production is increased, and you will notice smoother, even-toned skin, with a marked reduction in wrinkles and pore size.

Cryo-Tone™ Facial
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