Local Cryotherapy

Understanding Inflammation


Recovery after an intense physical activity is often accompanied by pain, swelling and decreased ability to move. The symptoms are a part of the injury-response of the body, called inflammation. Although it is considered to be of evolutionary importance, prolonged inflammation can cause unwanted problems, especially when on a strict training schedule. Decreasing it [...]

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THE WORD “CRYOTHERAPY” ORIGINATES FROM THE GREEK WORDS: “CRYO”-COLD AND “THERAPIA”-CURE. IT IS A CURATIVE HEALTH TREATMENT INVOLVING EXTREMELY LOW TEMPERATURES (BELOW -130C/-266F). Whole Body Cryotherapy was developed by Dr. Yamaguchi in 1978. He treated patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis with short periods of exposure to below freezing temperatures. These procedures had favorable results [...]

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An icy way to induce healing?


What to expect: You arrived at a simple office where the receptionist has us fill out a waiver form. You then basically stripped down naked, grabbed a white robe, gloves, socks and boots, put them on and headed to a room with what looks like a stand-up silver shower stall, which is a pretty [...]

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