Many of our clients at Alpha Cryo have never heard about Normatec Recovery; but when they spot the sleeves in the office, they are eager to find out. Like all of our services, Normatec works to maximize recovery. The unique massage sleeves can be used on the arms, legs, or hips. The massage operates in a pulse cycle of compression followed by release. This increases blood flow and helps alleviate lactic acid build up in the muscles. This, in turn, also helps reduce soreness and speed recovery.

The client can choose to have either a 30 minute or 60 minute session. For each, the compression massage is the same. The client will either slide on the arms, legs or hips sleeves and sit back and relax until the massage is over. When the session begins, the sleeves will inflate so that they can mold to fit the client’s body. The client will then begin to feel compression at the farthest parts of the limbs she is focusing on. For the arm sleeves, this will mean the hands are compressed, for the leg sleeves it is the feet and for the hip sleeves it is the upper thigh. The compression will then release and another section will be compressed closer to the top of the limb. This pattern will be repeated all the way up the limb and then start over again at the feet, hands or upper thigh. It feels amazing and it really works!

Created by a physician bioengineer and backed by years of scientific research, Normatec is one of the most popular recovery tools in the athletic world. It is no surprise, then, that when our clients try it, they keep coming back for more! Used by endurance athletes, crossfitters and collegiate and pro teams, Normatec Recovery is a great way to get rid of soreness and maximize your next workout.